Morrissey Gig Called Off

Morrissey walked off stage after 3 songs on Friday with a sore throat. Saturday and Sunday were cancelled.

I’m both gutted and elevated. An essential rite of passage in the life of any Moz fan, is the gig which he cancels. The best cancellation ever was when Morrissey discovered that the venue he was about to play in had previously been an abbatoir.

Well, now I’ve had my Morrissey-related disappointment.

Friday’s abandoned gig was a spectacular affair. After Moz left the stage, “celebrity fans” Jonathan Ross, David Walliams and Russell Brand took to the stage to pacify the crowd. It didn’t work. Morrissey fans are weird and nasty at the best of times.

I think it might have been Jonathan Ross’ suggestion that David Walliams was going to entertain them with 20 minutes of his “I’m a Lady” routine which tipped the crowd over into pure fury.

The woman shouting in the background of the last ten seconds of this video of the same event says it all.

What are your worst music related disappointments?