How Peace Broke Out in the Middle East

Tony Klug is gazing into the Fabians’ crystal ball:

The greatest frustration and tragedy of the four decades after the 1967 war, when the Middle East conflict was so widely regarded as among the most intractable and destabilising of all global tensions, is that it was never difficult to discern the compromises on both sides that were necessary for Israelis and Palestinians to agree to live alongside each other in mutual peace, security and respect.

Yet as each effort at securing peace raised hopes but eventually failed, the mood of pessimism and despair deepened and the cycle of violence seemed unending. Those on both sides working for an equitable settlement were forever being told that theirs was an impossible dream.

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Kluggy will give a lecture on his vision of the future later this month, possibly alongside Hillary “The Sensible” Benn MP, says Sunny