Do Something!


Write to your MP and ask them to sign this EDM:

“This House

– regrets the motion passed at the congress of the University and College Union (UCU) on 30th May 2007, which promotes a boycott of Israeli universities and a moratorium on research and cultural collaboration with Israel;

– agrees with Sally Hunt, General Secretary of UCU, who has said previously that “I simply do not believe that the majority of UCU members support an academic boycott of Israel. Most want us to retain dialogue with trade unionists on all sides – not just those we agree with”;

– supports the British Government’s response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism which concludes that “calls to boycott contact with academics working in Israel are an assault on academic freedom and intellectual exchange”;

– believes that boycotting Israeli education institutions and academics is damaging to Britain’s reputation worldwide and does nothing to promote a settlement in the Middle East; and

– urges the UCU to conduct a full ballot of its 120,000 members before adopting the terms of the resolution as policy.”