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No contest – Brown awaits leader confirmation

I was at my local ward meeting last night for MP reselection (David Lammy). There were a few speeches before we overwhelmingly backed him for reselection. He’s been a good local MP and a high profile one, as Culture Minister, for an area that needs it (Tottenham)

One person mentioned the war before also backing him (okay it was a secret ballot, but we were sitting next to each other), it’s a safe seat without a challenge in the offing pretty much like Gordon Brown’s ascendancy after what passes for the left in the Labour Party failed to agree any deal and its leadership challenge fizzled like a damp Catherine Wheel on November 5.

The BBC reports that Gordon Brown will be confirmed as Tony Blair’s successor when nominations for the Labour leadership and deputy leadership close at 1230 BST.

The chancellor’s only rival, John McDonnell, conceded after securing only 29 nominations to Brown’s 309. Michael Meacher’s backers largely refusing to switch to the rival camp. As campaign manager it seems Jack Straw has had a pretty easy job kind

I am in two minds about a contest. On one hand I want Brown to make his case, but also I just want to see Labour get on and put the whole debate about Blair standing down (if/when/June 27) behind the party and get on with running the country and taking on the Tories.

Maybe with out the distraction of a leadership contest Brown will do this anyway. He is planning to take part in the series of ten hustings with the six vying for the deputy leader’s job. Hopefully he will use these as a real opportunity. After nominations close, there will be 10 hustings around the country ahead of a special conference in Manchester on June 24, when the new leader and deputy leader will be named.