Mugabe’s mielie-mouthed media’s moral maize

While Zimbabwe starves, Robert Mugabe’s state-controlled media feeds the people a staple diet of bullshit.

According to Reuters, this weekend, Zimbabwean police arrested several opposition leaders, including Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai, and shot another man dead while breaking up a prayer meeting held “to address the deepening political and economic crisis”.

Of course, normally I’d scoff at people praying to achieve anything, but of course, Mugabe has banned political gatherings. And, since all rational avenues to effect change in the country seem to have been explored, it is no wonder that people might request divine intervention – even if only as a means to discuss the national catastrophe inflicted upon the country by Mugabe. Imagine inflation at 1700% and over 80% unemployment.

However, state-controlled Zimbabwe Herald reported the story thus:

“ONE person was shot dead by police and three police officers severely injured during an attack by MDC thugs, while opposition faction leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara were arrested for inciting people to engage in violence.”

For me, this is nothing new because I remember the State of Emergency in South Africa. In fact, I wonder if Mugabe didn’t buy surplus BOSS and CCB textbooks at auction.