Anti Fascism

Hope Not Hate

Anti Fascist Fortnight starts on 24 March.

Here is Searchlight’s new campaign website, Hope not Hate:

The campaign against the BNP in 2007 is going to be our biggest ever. As the BNP poses a serious political threat so people in every corner of the country are organising against it. Local political activists, faith organisations and community groups are coming together around the slogan Hope Not Hate.

This website is a window into our campaign. Enter it and you will find out everything you need to know about the BNP, the threat it poses and most importantly the campaign against it. Through it you will know what is happening in your area and how you can get involved.

The vast majority of people are totally opposed to the racist politics of the BNP. Most people understand that we can only improve our communities and general situation by working together and not when we are divided. But all this means nothing if we do not defeat the BNP. If every person donates just one hour to this campaign we can clearly defeat the BNP and that is good news for the whole country.

So look around this site, learn what you need to know … and get involved. We look forward to seeing you during the campaign.