Eugenics, North Korean style

Dr. Oliver Curry’s assertion that the concept of race will disappear by the year 3000 may, as Graham says, be bad news for the “race realists.” But there is still a glimmer of hope for them: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The North Korean regime’s obsession with racial purity has led to the killing of disabled infants and forced abortions for women suspected of conceiving their babies by Chinese fathers, according to a growing body of testimony from defectors.

The latest description of Kim Jong-il’s policy of state eugenics came from a North Korean doctor, Ri Kwang-chol, who escaped last year and told a forum in Seoul that babies with deformities were killed soon after birth.

“There are no people with physical defects in North Korea,” Ri said. Such babies were put to death by medical staff and buried quickly, he claimed.

Now if this all seems incredible, you can choose to disbelieve Dr. Ri. To me it’s all too credible and perfectly consistent with North Korea’s stated opposition to a “multiracial” Korea.

Stop the War Coalition chair Andrew Murray– who happens to be a member of the Communist Party of Britain– wrote in 2003 that his party “has made its basic position of solidarity with Peoples Korea clear.” Now that “Peoples Korea” is the most Nazi-like, openly racist state on the face of the earth, can we expect a change in the party line? If not, can we expect anyone involved in the STWC, or any of its affiliates, to challenge Murray’s continued chairmanship as an affront to decency?

andrew and kim.JPG
Andrew and Kim: still comrades after all these years?