Phallusies of Science


Scientists collecting data and making predictions based upon it. Don’t you just love them?

According to The Times Dr Oliver Curry, of the London School of Economics, knows what we will all look and behave like in the future.

Its bad news for the “race realists” because:

Dr Curry also said that today’s concept of race would be gone by the year 3000, relationships between people with different skin colours producing a “coffee-colour” across all populations.

However, the class war is set to continue as:

HUMANITY could evolve into two sub-species within 100,000 years as social divisions produce a genetic underclass (so don’t throw away any old copies of “The Spartacist” just yet.)

With improvements in nutrition and medicine, people would routinely grow to 6ft 6in and live to the age of 120, (Dr Curry) said. Genetic modification, cosmetic surgery and sexual selection — whereby mate preferences drive evolution — meant that people would tend to be better-looking than today.

Only another hundred thousand odd years before you lot catch me up then.

Is it science? Who knows, I am a mere arts graduate. I would suggest though that it is how scientific data is used and presented which is really important. You don’t think so? Then take a look at “The Suns” report on Dr Curry’s work: “All men will have big willies”