The Most Rubbish Hijack Ever

I don’t think I’ve ever just posted a link to a story which is, basically, one of the main news headlines for the day: but isn’t this the most pathetic hijacking in the history of international terrorism?

The hijackers seemed to have ignored the most basic rule of the sport: get your message across. I mean, what was the hijacking all about? Were they protesting the Pope? Or were they Christian converts who were in correspondence with the Pope? Were they simply seeking political asylum? Or all three? Who knows?

What makes matters worse: it appears that nobody actually told the passengers that they were being hijacked. They didn’t even wave a weapon around.

And one of them was wearing a tracksuit. What sort of hijacker models his trademark look on Jimmy Saville?

Hey, but look on the bright side. Miss India, Miss Singapore, Miss Malaysia and Miss Philippines were all of the flight. So at least their exploits stand a decent chance of being commemorated in a Bollywood musical.