Tommy Sheridan threatened the News of the World with the big guns of the Scottish proletariat today:

“If you want a fight, we will take you on as we did in the courtroom, we will take you on in the streets, in the trade unions and in the elections, because the working class of Scotland can see through the muck,” Mr Sheridan said at a press conference in Dundee.

I wonder if that’s the leftwing equivalent of “fighting the cancer of bent and twisted journalism with the simple sword of truth”.


Update: Shuggy charts Sheridan’s rapid descent into paranoid havering.

Tommy Sheridan has mooted the possibility that MI5 have joined the global conspiracy against him, claiming that a dastardly alliance of the SSP executive committee, the evil Murdoch empire, and the best man at his wedding have fabricated a video tape in order to “overthrow his crusade for an independent socialist Scotland.”