Aaronovitch on Channel 5

I won’t be able to see it, but readers in the UK might want to check out this program tonight at 19:15 on Channel 5:

David Aaronovitch: No Excuses For Terror. Who is really responsible for the suicide bombers that target us? Is it the fault of George Bush or Tony Blair? Are we all somehow to blame? David Aaronovitch, journalist and commentator, has had enough of this argument. He asks how we’ve got to the point where British Socialists support Islamofascist Terrorism. Aaronovitch explains where the left have gone wrong on Israel, Palestine, the War in Iraq and the War on Terror.

He’ll also be screening it at the Frontline Club in London on October 9.

(Hat tip: Redstar in the comments.)

Update: I’ve opened the comments so readers who watched the program can have their say.