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Sky’s Kay Burley is a revolting person who should be ashamed of herself

I have seen loads of biased interviews from the UK broadcast media around the Israel-Gaza war on the BBC, Channel4 and Sky, but none so revolting and disgusting as the one this morning in which Sky New’s Kay Burley interviews Israeli Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely.

The line of questioning was so confrontational and devoid of any human compassion that one could scarcely believe that Israel had suffered the greatest loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust – in a single day – a little over a week ago.

I confess I paused and sat quite literally speechless after an exchange in which the ambassador reasonably and patiently pointed out that Israel has one of the best militaries in the world, doing all it can to minimise civilian deaths which Burley interrupted to sneer: “Better than any other army in the world? So where were they to defend your people last Saturday?”

Can you imagine saying this to the ambassador of any other country who had lost over a thousand people in a terrorist attack? Can you imagine anyone saying this to the US ambassador after 9/11? Can you imagine saying this to the French ambassador after the Bataclan massacre killed only a tenth of the number murdered in Israel ten days ago?

What a disgusting and revolting person. She is a stain on the British broadcasting media landscape. She should be drummed out of the industry on a metaphorical rail, tarred and feathered, by decent people, if indeed there are any decent people left in broadcasting.

But it got worse. I have to say, I rage-quit after Burly accused the ambassador – who had been patiently trying to explain that Israel’s first priority was the security of its own citizens – of therefore regarding the people of Gaza as “sub-human”.

I couldn’t watch any further. I will embed the video below. Perhaps you can get past the 5 minute mark. I’m afraid I could not.

Who could listen to testimony of the cold-blooded killing of children while the parents watched, the rape of women, and the beheading of babies, without a sign of sympathy and while formulating their next attack question? Kay Burley could. Kay Burly is a vile human being. Contemptable. Despicable. One wonders what material Lord Haw-Haw was made of. Wonder no more.