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Client states often adopt the political ideology of their sponsors.

Accordingly I wonder whether Ken will be joining Hugo Chavez, and other proponents of progressive, left-wing opinion including David Shayler, Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen who have become proponents of the X-Files version of “reality”:

VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez asserted today that the United States could have orchestrated the September 11 attacks five years ago to justify its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

“It is still not clear what the cause was, nor who directed the terrible act that claimed thousands of lives in seconds and gave the American empire an excuse to hit out with more even brutality and fury at the world,” Mr Chavez said in a speech in Caracas.

“It is difficult to believe that the towers of the World Trade Centre could have collapsed as they did, in the blink of an eye, because of the planes.”

Mr Chavez suggested the towers could have been dynamited and noted that the wreckage of the plane that smashed into the Pentagon had not been recovered.

“The hypothesis that is gaining momentum, that Sicilia said last night could blow up soon, is that it was the imperial American power itself that planned and committed this terrible terrorist act … to justify its acts of aggression,” said Mr Chavez.

Lunatic conspiracy theories seem to be moderately popular at the moment: at least with unhinged people.

And hey, if something is popular with lunatics, Ken is rarely slow to embrace it.

So come on Ken – let’s hear where you stand.