The Left

Democratiya/Iraq Memory Foundation

There is so much good stuff in this month’s Democratiya that it is hard to know where to start.

In particular, read Shalom Lappin’s scholarly trashing of Jacqueline Rose’s latest slight tome, and the transcript of the round table discussion between John Bew, David Clark, Isabel Hilton, Oliver Kamm, Ziba Norman, and Martin Shaw

Print the whole journal off, and take to read on the train home.

When you get home, make a special point of viewing the testimonies of survivors and witnesses to torture in Iraq during the Saddam era, collated and translated by the Iraq Memory Foundation:

Nahida Al Ramah
An actress. Escaped many attempts on her life by the Ba’athist Intelligence. Lost her sight after fleeing Iraq.

Qassim Al Breesam
Arrested after the 1991 uprising. Spent three years in prison and still suffers the effects of torture.

Zahra Al Badri
The Ba’thist regime executed her husband, son, pregnant daughter and many of her relatives. Hid her two sons at home for 23 years.

Shao’ul Sasson
Son of the Chief Rabbi of Iraq. Was incarcerated and tortured for a year in the notorious Al Nihaya Palace prison. Witnessed the torture of famous Iraqi politicians.

Zainba Al Ham Dani and Doa’a Al Shawi
Doa’a was born in prison and her parents were executed. She treasures bootees knitted by her mother for her in prison. Zainba is Doa’a’s Aunt.

Emad Abdul Latif
A university lecturer. Arrested in a lecture room in 1980. Endured severe torture, and while in exile underwent many corrective cosmetic operations on his face.