The Left

Radio Free London

I’m sure a good few of you will be interested to know that David Aaronovitch is the guest on this week’s always worth listening to Little Atoms radio show.

If you are in London then you can listen to the show from 16.30 on Resonance 104.4 FM and for the rest of us the programme will also be streamed in live audio on the Resonance website.

If Neil & Richard get their minidisc players to work properly it should also be avaliable later as a downloadable Mp3 file – maybe even without Richard’s ‘interesting’ musical selections.

Oh and while we are in the plugging mood – if you haven’t checked out the new edition of Democratiya then you should – it features an extended interview with Martin Shaw, author of The New Western Way of War and also a review of Lindsey German and Andrew Murray’s book ‘Stop the War’.