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Bolshevism Gone Mad

There’s an article by Tony Benn in (where else) the Comment Pages of the Guardian today: full of the sort of sound and fury which we’ve come to associate with a man whose major achievement in Government was to close down the non-Government controlled radio station, Radio Caroline. Here’s a taster of it:

As a five-year-old boy, 75 years ago, I met Ramsay MacDonald at No 10 when he was Labour prime minister. A year later he left the party, joining the Tories and the Liberals to form a national government, and Philip Snowden, his once Labour chancellor who followed him, actually described the Labour party as “Bolshevism gone mad” in an election in which only 51 Labour MPs survived.

More of the thoughts of the man who is campaigning, along with George Galloway and prominent French fascists, for the release of Tariq Aziz here.

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