UK Politics

March of the Cameron Men

The Telegraph asks the question in relation to David Cameron and the Tory leadership battle: why buy a gramophone player when you’re being offered an iPod?

Prepare for a truly brutal battle between Fox and Davis for the precious votes of the Right that will make the difference between a place on the final ballot paper, and an early bath tomorrow afternoon. Dr Fox has the momentum, Mr Davis has the guile. What is not in doubt is that Mr Cameron is now emphatically the man to beat.

The Guardian leader on the other hand laments the performance its own choice, Kenneth Clark-County:

He should have been elected Tory leader in 1997 and was still a formidable candidate in 2001. Although Mr Clarke has made fine speeches this time around, he has been fatally hampered by the rise of Mr Cameron. As a consequence, his 2005 campaign failed to get the traction even of 1997 and 2001. This third defeat was Mr Clarke’s worst.