The secret history of World War II (continued)

Speaking on al-Jazeera last month, Mamoun Al-Tamimi of the Palestinian National Council informed us: “After Hitler’s fall in Germany, Winston Churchill ordered the army and the air force to continue bombing. The bombings continued three weeks after Hitler’s fall, and military historians say that the casualties sustained by Germany after Hitler’s fall were greater than the casualties from the war.”

Now comes this bit of previously-unknown history from Lebanese Professor Hasan Al-Juny during a routine denunciation of Zionism (“the Zionist entity is cancerous,” etc, etc) on the Iranian Sahar TV: “This isn’t a case of regular occupation, like when Nazi Germany occupied France, in which the French could hold a dialogue with the German occupiers, in order to ask them to leave.”

Perhaps they didn’t ask nicely enough.

Al-Juny is apparently the “expert on international law” whose protest about appearing on al-Arabiya with a “senior Zionist official” resulted in that official being taken off the air.