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Panorama: MCB Special

MCB Watch also has a posting which focusses on some of the odd and unpleasant things preached by Leeds Grand Mosque – whose alumni include London Bomber, Jermaine Lindsay – and asks why they are permitted to remain affiliates of the MCB

The defence is that the MCB is an umbrella organisation which represents a broad range of muslim views. However, MCBWatch concludes:

The problem is that there is a tremendous double-standard here, because at other times the MCB do display a willingness to draw the line. Consider the Ahmadi Muslims, a small, moderate sect who differ from mainstream Muslims in that they believe Muhammad was not the last prophet, but that the 19th century Indian ascetic Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was a prophet and the promised Messiah. The MCB issued a press release in 2003 that was brutally clear:

“Mainstream Islamic teaching holds that the blessed Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the last in a long line of prophets sent to mankind. Mainstream Sunni and Shi’a Muslims are both agreed on this basic tenet of the Islamic faith. Furthermore, we believe that there are no more than 1 million Ahmadis in the entire world as opposed to the 1.5 billion strong worldwide Muslim community. So, whilst we fully accept the right of Ahmadis to their own religion, it is clearly misleading to describe them as Muslims. They are not.”

Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports on the eccentric views of Inayat Bunglawala

The BBC’s preview of tonight’s Panorama is here.

The transcript of the Panorama programme is here.

UPDATE: And if you’re interested in seeing what MPACUK, an organisation which republishes material from White Supremacist sites, has to say in response to the programme, read this.

One commentator says:


If we can get about at least 500 complaints to the BBC after the program, I think we will put them on the back foot. That’s what the Zionists did after the anti-Israeli program

Take five minutes out now to contact Panorama on, and let them know what you thought of the documentary.

It also looks as if commentators have been lined up to flood the BBC “Your Comments” page. So feel free to join in the fray:

Bloody brilliant, the presenter hit the nail on the head about how the Saudis fund their own translations of the Quran and are spreading books which are basically full of their own hardline and false translation of Islam.

The leader of the MCB showed himself up big time, he had no coherent and believable answer to any question put to him and I am beginning to see why people think they are crap. Please, if any of these so called hardline Muslims are reading this, use your common sense when some books feed you bull about Islam, it is a very tolerant and peaceful religion and it is being torn to shreds by these so-called scholars who are not very wise at all and just want to line their pockets.

Islam says your dress should be modest and according to the tradition of where you live so trousers and a loose top are as acceptable as a jilbab made of silk in which everyone can see every movement of your butt when you walk. Peace.
Saadia, Birmingham, England

Gene adds: There was a mention of the Panorama program this morning on National Public Radio news here in the US.