Irshad Manji Speaks

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement is hosting a talk by Irshad Manji on 12 May 2005. You can buy tickets here. I would expect it to be sold out almost immediately, so don’t dawdle.

“The main purpose of her visit [is to] to speak on various dimensions of Islam and human rights – from the perspective of a faithful yet struggling Muslim. “My core message is that no community, no ethnicity, no culture and no religion ought to be immune from respecting the universality of human rights. This, of course, is a controversial message in an age of cultural relativism. Mine is a positive message of pluralism. I truly believe that we can be pluralists without becoming relativists. That’s especially important for the lesbian and gay movement to understand, given the bigotry we so often face from ethnic and religious groups.” “

See you there

Hat tip: Outrage