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The Saviour Sect

Many of you will have heard that the Muslim Council of Britain’s launch of guidance to British muslims voting choices was disrupted by extremists belonging to the “Saviour Sect“.

From my sickbed, I’ve been following BBC radio reports of the disruption which suggest the extremists were responding to a perceived MCB bias towards Labour.

Most other reports suggest that the Saviour Sect have a far deeper problem with the MCB:

The Saviour Sect leaflet handed out read: “Vote today… become Kaffir tomorrow!”

It bore photographs of Mr Blair, Conservative leader Michael Howard, the Liberal Democrats’ Charles Kennedy and George Galloway, of Respect.

“The above are all shayaateen (devils), crooks, criminals and false gods. Voting for any political party which has a policy of legislating a law is Kufr Akbar (a major apostasy) and will take you outside the fold of Islam.

“It will also nullify all your good deeds and guarantee your seat in hellfire for ever.”

You can read their leaflet in full here.

I can’t really tell you much about the Saviour Sect. They seem to be into Takfir – declaring people apostates – big time, but frankly, if anybody can tell me anything about their links with other organisations, history, membership, and what have you, I’d be grateful.


Ah, as I thought… its Omar Bakri Mohammed’s sucessor organisation to the now-disbandeded Al Muhajiroun


A full report here; the BBC have pegged them as the Muhajis.