‘Army of the Poor’

Zimbawbe’s election is tomorrow and Normblog carries a moving personal message from one democracy activist:

So here you have an army of the poor, going once again into battle for their future, the future of their children and their country. A battle that they have fought twice before and been beaten – not by fair means but by foul. An army that has not given up despite propaganda, threats, hunger and worse. Hundreds of thousands tortured, hundreds beaten or even killed. They go against armed forces numbering 120,000, armed with AK 47s and strutting with pride and arrogance. They go against a State-controlled system that has been designed and built to frustrate their desires and will.

Do read it all.

Gene adds: Wow.

Veteran readers of Harry’s Place may remember who, just a year ago, called Mugabe a “true freedom fighter,” praised him for confronting “the pretensions of new imperialists” and presented him with a replica of Simon Bolivar’s sword.