UK Politics

Beware of imitations

The Tories are apparently starting to see the internet and blogs in particular as a way of reaching new people with their message.

Conservativehome is a project that appears to have the backing of Iain Duncan Smith. Its a professional looking site with a blog attached to it.

Meanwhile Guido Fawkes, who makes occassional trips to Tory central office, is claiming Labour are being unfair: There is also clear evidence that Labour staff have been involved in a semi-official disinformation effort, run out of Labour’s offices, on Left-wing websites to discredit anti-Blair tactical voting initiatives.

Amazingly for a blogger who prides himself on being ‘in the know’ he provides no links to any of these websites that are supposedly running discrediting campaigns. Why so shy Guido?

Actually the most well-known of the anti-Labour tactical voting initiatives needs no discrediting whatsoever. Despite the ‘hilarious’ prank of having a misleading name the site makes its position absolutely clear :

In ‘safe’ Labour seats and marginal seats we want you to vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Labour candidate. Sometimes this will involve voting Tory.

Like I say, such a view hardly needs a discrediting campaign against it does it?

But while such Stoppers 4 Tories initiatives are probably little more than stunts I’m not against tactical voting in principle, even if it means not voting Labour in some cases.

If you are a left-winger interested in intelligent use of your vote then this website offers plenty of good advice. They also, of course, have a blog.