UK Politics

Those opportunist politicians

Here is one for the ‘they are all as bad as each other’ brigade.

Today’s Observer carries a story on each of the main party leaders appearing to opportunistically react to media-driven stories.

Tony Blair is to bow to the increasing clamour from parents for better school meals for their children and announce a series of plans to swap junk food for ‘organic and local’ fresh meals.

In a response to the plea from TV chef Jamie Oliver for a ‘school dinner revolution’, the Prime Minister will say that school kitchens will be rebuilt and equipped so dishes can be cooked from scratch, while dinner ladies are given ‘culinary skills’ to help them create appetising menus.

In an outspoken attack on Gypsies today, Michael Howard will insist they are ‘getting away’ with wrongdoing, as the Conservatives move to exploit rural anger over illegal encampments.

The Tory leader will unveil a package of measures designed to uproot unlawful settlements, including new rights for the swift removal of caravans from sites and powers for councils to purchase land compulsorily where there have been breaches of so-called stop notices freezing illegal development.

One party leader opportunistically jumps on agenda set by a celebrity chef to correct what should have been obvious years ago and offer something close to healthy food to schoolkids.

The other follows the lead from (or his own prompts to ) the right-wing press to continue whipping up fear and hatred of a minority.

I know which kind of opportunist I’d rather have running the country.