Fisk watch

On Monday I quoted from a report by The Independent’s Robert Fisk in Beirut:

President George Bush is expected to announce on Wednesday that Syrian – and perhaps Lebanese – military intelligence officers were involved in [opposition leader Rafik] Hariri’s death…

For the record, and to no great surprise on my part: It didn’t happen.

Fisk’s other major assertion in the same article– that UN investigators looking into the murder of Hariri are prepared to report that Lebanese officials have covered up evidence– may turn out to be correct. But you have to wonder where he got his information about Bush’s imminent announcement– which no other news source was reporting, as far as I know. I find it hard to believe Fisk has high-level sources in the Bush administration, let alone any who would talk to him and no other reporters about this.

I hope his other sources are at least somewhat more reliable.