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Debate: Beyond Our Ken? Islamaphobia, Homophobia and the Mayor

GALHA (Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association) are arranging a debate on the subject of the Qaradawi affair this Friday March 11th 7.30pm The Library, Conway Hall, Holborn.

Brett Lock of Outrage – and an occasional contributor to the comment boxes of this site – will be proposing the motion.

“The Mayor’s welcome of Qaradawi has been detrimental to the gay community”?

GALHA have asked me to advertise both the event, and ask any commentators on this site whether they would be prepared to appear as the speaker against that motion.

Over the past few months, Harry’s Place commentators have spoken eloquently on both sides of the issue. I would be delighted to forward the details of any person who is prepared to take the opposing side of the motion to GALHA. Please email me at

(remove the “NOSPAM” from my address)