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Painting by numbers

Well you have to hold your hand up and say that Livingstone’s strategy has worked a treat.

The Israeli government formally decided today to object to London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s defamation of Israel and PM Ariel Sharon

Surely someone in the ‘Zionist elite media establishment’ could have told their controllers in Tel Aviv that such a step was exactly what Livingstone was hoping for?

Then on a site that, despite its name, has nothing to do with the Al Jazzerah tv station comes an article entitled: To Ken Livingstone, With Gratitude, Love and Admiration

The world agrees with you but is too cowardly to speak out. I wholeheartedly pray that your courage has opened the door for others to overcome their “Anti-Semitic” fears and do justice to the suffering of the Palestinians, victims of the Sykes-Picot, Balfour Declaration, the Cold War, Zionism, the Holocaust, and the surrender of American foreign policy to the “elite Zionist experts”….

Top story on the homepage of the Muslim Association of Britain and top story on the website Totally Jewish.

But does he really think no-one has sussed what he is up to?