Something to think about over the holidays

Those of us who rage against the genocide in Darfur while buying Chinese-made goods might want to consider this:

In the case of Sudan, Africa’s largest country, China is in a lucrative partnership that delivers billions of dollars in investment, oil revenue and weapons — as well as diplomatic protection — to a government accused by the United States of genocide in Darfur and cited by human rights groups for systematically massacring civilians and chasing them off ancestral lands to clear oil-producing areas. The country once gave safe haven to Osama bin Laden and is listed by Washington as a state supporter of terrorism. U.S. companies are prohibited from investing there.

And where does China get these billions of dollars? A large share of it comes from us when we purchase Chinese-manufactured toys, appliances, clothes and computer equipment.

And please note: I said “we.” I don’t exempt myself.