Woe is Them

The Tory leadership’s recent position on ID cards has been the the straw that broke the camel’s back for a significant number of supporters of the party.

These sentiments from Edge of England’s Sword seems to sum up the frustration felt by many in what used to be called – and this just seems ludicrous nowadays – ‘the natural party of government’.

Mention of Michael Foot in the same breath as the other hapless Michael is cruelly apt and reminds me of the seemingly everlasting wilderness years the Labour Party endured between the late 1970’s and 1997 and which it only just managed to survive whole by agreeing to emergency surgery on the its clogged heart and arteries.

Cheer up Tories. If the comparison is an exact one there’ll only be another 11 years before you enjoy the first in a series of electoral landslides under a dynamic and ideologically coherent leader