Apocalyptic chatter

Norm Geras samples some of the apocalyptic chatter on both sides of the US electoral divide. Unsurprisingly some left-leaning Californians are muttering about leaving the country if Bush is reelected.

“Do you think Great Britain would give us political asylum?” the woman in Starbucks asked. “It’s just . . . I don’t think I can stay if Bush wins again.”
[F]ear at what may happen in the key swing states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania has led to an escalation in coffee shop chatter about emigration to Canada, Britain and elsewhere.

“I certainly don’t love the climate of Vancouver, but I love the sanity,” said Steve Crawford, 54, a singer and actor working as a volunteer at the Democratic Party offices in Santa Monica.

What is it about some leftists (fortunately not all) that makes them talk this way– seriously or not? Whatever else you can say about American conservatives, you hardly hear any of them talk about emigrating if the Democrats come to power.

Perhaps the answer to that question is part of the solution to the Left’s problem, in recent decades, of connecting with ordinary people.