Spain Again

Two Spanish bloggers are posting in English about the Madrid bombings at Tim Blair’s.

Warning: the pictures they paint of the suffering caused by this premeditated act of terrorism may be with you for a while.

Last night some of the people who were working in the mass morgue that was improvised in a convention center needed medical sedation because they couldn’t cope with what they were watching: dozens of people inside black plastic bags whose mobile phones kept ringing all the time. Several children in a school nearby one of the explosions were waiting for their parents to take them home. Their parents never came.

A woman who survived the blast has lost her husband, her two sons, and her grandsons. The radio reported this morning that she was so overwhelmed with the loss that she later tried to kill herself. In one of the destroyed trains they rescued a seven month old baby. They haven’t been able to find his parents and he has just died while in the ICU. The attack has killed people from eleven different nationalities.

Whoever planted these bombs knew what the bloody results of their work would be. They are heartless enemies of humanity.

The chaps over at Media Lies know who is really to blame for the act though

The events of today were a reaction. A reaction to what, we still have to learn. One guarantee can be made, they were a reaction to terror and fear and the belief that force might win, that killing might win. Who planted those ideas in the attackers heads? Who acts on the principle that violence, force and the threat of bloodshed are worthy tools of diplomacy? The very people who will line up to condemn.

Muppets. Utter Muppets.

Update It seems the article I took the quote from has now mysteriously vanished from the Media Lies site. A very wise decision.