Just Can’t Give it Up

The Spectator may have egg on it’s face over this weeks terrorist bogeyman front cover but I find myself in a quandry every time my subscription comes up for renewal as it did last week.

Should I switch to the New Statesman ? do without a weekly political magazine at all ? or start shelling out big bucks for Prospect ?

I always spend a few days thinking what I could do more usefully with the hundred pounds but in the end I always get my chequebook out and renew.

Why ? None of the Spectator’s rivals are half as witty, intentionally or not. Here’s a couple of quotes from the editor, Boris Johnson which I enjoyed.

On the Liberal Democrats:

The Liberal Democratic Party is a Heath Robinson contraption which defies the Laws of physics. It can suck and blow at once. They have it both ways. They are like weird hermaphroditic parrotfish changing sex at will. If they had a policy on cake, they would be pro-having it and pro-eating it – at the same time and during the same party conference debate.

On the Conservative Party:

The Tory Party – the funkiest, most jiving Party on Earth.

Now, that last one’s really funny.