Dangerous pictures

The mayor of The Hague, W.J. (Wim) Deetman, is accusing the Israeli embassy of jeopardizing public safety by handing out pictures of terror victims for demonstrators to carry.

The organization Christians for Israel plans to march in connection with the International Court of Justice hearings on the West Bank separation fence, starting on Monday.

In Deetman’s view, the pictures will spark confrontations with pro-Palestinian demonstrators and thereby disrupt public order. He has also requested police reinforcements ahead of the event.

So if pro-Palestinian demonstrators are incited to violence by the sight of peaceful marchers carrying pictures of Israeli terror victims, it’s the fault of the Israelis for providing those pictures?

Can Israelis be excused for wondering if Europeans’ views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict tend to be one-sided?

Update: Here are some of the “scary” pictures which Mayor Deetman thought would spark a confrontation. Apparently they didn’t.