Spot the Difference

If you wanted to set up a new Trotskyist party in Britain it’s likely you would choose the first word of its title from the following traditional options

workers, revolutionary, united, or socialist

You’d probably want the last word of the title to be either

party, tendency, front or league

If you were a little nouveau you could go for the option of having a triple-word title to assuage your insecurity. Any of the words in the first section could be joined together to give you, by way of example

United Revolutionary Party or Workers Socialist Party

Either demonstrates a good combination of the reassuringly traditional and the seemingly innovative.

This comical list proves you don’t have to be either leftist or secular to play the same game. It’s a handy guide to the “participants” in the recent Iranian elections. My favourites are

Militant Clergy Association and Militant Clerics Society. Apparantly one is “conservative” and the other “reformist” though it might be difficult to tell from their names alone. Comparisons with Tweedledum and Tweedledee do seem apt.