The Left


So much excellent material at the moment over at the Marxist blog ‘Socialism In an Age of Waiting’:

It’s still only eight months since Iraq was liberated, but it’s already 11 years since multiethnic and democratic Bosnia-Herzegovina was first attacked by the hired thugs of Serbian fascism, and 14 years since the Berlin Wall fell and took with it so many other familiar landmarks of the “left” landscape.

Now, if you honestly believe that, whatever other faults you are willing to admit to, you are at least trying your hardest not to be intellectually superficial, morally bankrupt, callous about the suffering of any peoples, or cynical and hypocritical in your use of both facts and arguments, how can you still convince yourself that nostalgists for Stalinism, apologists for attempted genocide and advocates of the retention of power by the Ba’ath – who are usually the same people each time – are in any sense “comrades”, the sort of people with whom you can have “vigorous disagreements … but no consistent polarisations”?