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Fiddling While Baghdad Burns

For those of us who were expecting the Iraqi army to put up more resistance to the coalition this may provide a partial answer to why they did not.

Saddam Hussein spent the final weeks before the war writing a novel predicting that he would lead an underground resistance movement to victory over the Americans, rather than planning the defence of his regime.

The narrative of the novel gives some insights into the mind of Saddam. The book

is filled with paranoid invectives against the Jews, who delight in inciting troubles between Muslim nations and encouraging the Romans – a synonym for the Americans – to attack Iraq.

Saddam inserts a handsome moustachioed hero in his book who

“fights the Romans like a hawk”.

But demonstrates his confusion between Roman town planning and a recent highly successful fantasy film with his choice of urban geography features

The onslaught proves irresistible and Ezekiel and the Roman king flee, only to discover the twin towers of the Roman capital in flames.

I’m not sure of the literary merit of the book but I LOVE the cover.