Jews now most-attacked minority in France

Dot Comrade posted here recently about the French government committee which proposed a ban on wearing headscarves, kippot and crucifixes in state schools.

But perhaps the most disturbing part of the committee’s report hasn’t got as much attention. According to Haaretz:

The committee stated that for the first time, the number of attacks on Jews surpassed the number of racist attacks on any other minority last year, Israel Radio reported.

According to the French report, wearing a skullcap in the street or on public transportation could be dangerous, and the expression “dirty Jew” has become common in schoolyards. Many Jewish students and teachers have left the public education system for Jewish and Catholic private schools because of the racial problems they encountered, the report found.

In several schools it has become impossible to teach about the Holocaust, because pupils dispute facts about the genocide of Jews by the Nazis, the report stated.

I’m pleased at least part of the French government has finally recognized a problem which officials seemed determined to ignore for so long. But what about the segment of the Left that seems determined to downplay the antisemitism by insisting that anti-Muslim violence is far more serious?

(Via Not a Fish.)