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Supporting terror

At least in Britain supporters of the Iraqi resistance, such as Tariq Ali, have restricted their backing for terrorism to verbal assistance – not so though in some parts of Europe.

According to a report in The Express to be published on Saturday, German activists have been raising funds for the ‘Iraqi resistance’.

The report says:

The cash – which could be used to buy weapons to attack British soldiers -comes from the “Ten Euros for the Iraqi Resistance” campaign.
A German TV investigation this week revealed active support groups across Germany and Austria. Thousands of pounds is believed to have been raised.

A poster for the campaign shows an Iraqi child hurling a Molotov cocktail, while bombings are described as a “dream”. Donated funds are intended for the
radical Iraqi Patriotic Alliance (IPA) whose supporters have strong links with underground fighters who boast of lethal attacks on US and British forces.

According to a recent poll cited in The Express there is a significant amount of minority support for the Iraqi ‘resistance’ among Germans:

Over a quarter of Germans now believe guerrilla attacks against American and British soldiers in Iraq are justified, according to an opinion poll published earlier this week. The survey found 26% of Germans believed the Iraq resistance was justified, rising to 39% among premier Gerhard Schroeder’s SPD voters.

There has been a similar fundraising campaign in Italy among the extremist fringe of the anti-war movement.

On Saturday in Rome there is even a small demonstration planned in support of the Iraqi ‘resistance’ . Thankfully the mainstream anti-war movement is not backing the event and the leader of the main anti-war left-wing party Rifondazione Comunista, has declared support for the demo to be incompatible with party membership.

Hopefully decent German leftists will take a similar attitude to their own supporters of Saddam’s gangs of killers.