Talking left

‘The Project’ must really be on the rocks if New Labour think-tank Demos and the house journal of Blairism Renewal are starting to talk left.

Those of us who want to open up this debate cannot be dismissed as “old Labour”, the right, or the ultra-left. Today, members of the democratic left launch a new network, Compass. Its aim is to provide a new direction for progressive politics and to initiate a debate about political renewal.

Labour will probably win a third term. Over a 12-year period, we should expect Britain to be transformed. We want to contribute to making it happen. But time is running is out.

The Compass website is here.

Actually I really shouldn’t be cynical – I’ve moaned about the lack of real debate and thinking on the left and the critical assesment of New Labour from Compass is certainly a positive step in that direction.

If they can start talking in plain English there might be hope yet….