Retro bloggers

The free-marketeers of the Adam Smith Institute are about to launch a blog and taking a peek at their site you can get a little taste of what we can expect.

So we should clamp down on white collar crime? It turns out that the top social groups are more prone to embezzlement and fraud. The bottom ones seem to prefer mugging and burglary. Shouldn’t we be equally ruthless against both groups? No we shouldn’t……………..

We do not walk the streets at night in fear of being embezzled. People want the priority to be on the crimes which have shocking impact on their victims. The police prefer to pursue middle class motorists and white collar criminals. Let shops deal with shoplifting, companies handle embezzlement and fraud, and the police deal with the stuff that destroys lives.

Of course stealing millions of pounds of investors money or pension funds doesn’t destroy any lives.

I’m not sure whether the Adam Smith boys having a blog means that the medium is becoming more and more mainstream or whether it means that the Adam Smith Institute are becoming more and more marginal?

Either way one of the joys of blogs is that they aren’t edited which allows for the more widespread appearance of typos and I loved this one which is particularly delicious coming from these Thatcherites:

Britain’s Conservatives are getting themselves together at last. Their champagne bash in London last week sparkled with lots of celebs (er… and me) – just like New Labour before its election landslide in 1979, though with fewer non-white and non-middle-aged faces. (Still a bit of work to do there, then).

Ah yes, that Labour landslide in 1979………….