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Paul Anderson has the latest on the rows within Stop the War and picks up some comments from STWC leader Andrew Murray in today’s Morning Star.

Once again the Stalinist Murray rages about the campaign of vilification against him and his allies in the SWP.

“The anti-war movement, centred on the Stop the War Coalition… has helped awaken the broadest sections of the country not only to a determination to secure a world peace but also to a deeper sense of social justice and the limitations of democracy as it is presently practised here.

But there are some of the left who just cannot stand it. They include those like Nick Cohen, John Lloyd and David Aaronovitch who supported this war… and a few of those who opposed the war, but appear personally embittered by one thing or another.

The latter seems to be the inspiration of Mike Marqusee’s return to the political arena with a widely circulated attack on the Coalition after nearly a year during which he has played no part in the anti-war movement’s work. They are a marginal minority on the left, amplified, however, by the willingness of the New Statesman, in particular, to give ample space for their campaign to be prosecuted . . .

Yep, that’s right – up on Planet Murray the New Statesman is waging a campaign of attacks on his anti-war movement.

As Paul himself puts it: “For god’s sake, the real problem is that the NS has been inflicting John Pilger and John Kampfner on us ad nauseam in recent months.”