Kudos for Kirchner

Whatever his motivations, it’s good to see the new president of Argentina, Nestor Kirchner, turning over rocks that have hidden some of the country’s sordid history for years and decades.

Since taking office Kirchner has:

Annulled a decree that prohibited Argentine officers accused of human rights crimes from being extradited. He also said Congress should abolish amnesties for military officers who tortured and murdered leftist opponents during the 1976-1983 “Dirty War.”

Opened sealed government documents relating to the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires which killed 86 people. The investigation of the bombing stalled under previous governments.

Ordered a probe into official cover-ups of exiled Nazis’ links to Argentina’s government after World War II. The country became a refuge for German war criminals, partly due to the fascist sympathies of then President Juan Perón.

More power to Mr. Kirchner.