The Left

Communist plot

It seems the Communist Party of Britain have developed a strategy to “reclaim the Labour party” from whatever new-fangled ideas have helped it to recent electoral success.

The aim of “breaking Blair not Labour” seems to me a little shortsighted. If Blair is “broken” then Gordon Brown will probably get the top job and he is hardly going to bring back old-style socialism or do the bidding of the CPB. Even if Brown is out-manouvred and Clare Short or Robin Cook get to sit in the big chair their past record shows their left-wing image is as much about attracting support from the party faithful as a real belief that Labour can win elections on a left-wing programme.

It seems to me that getting rid of Blair will increase the chances of a Conservative Government in the future. He is more of an electoral asset than Brown, Cook or Short despite his short-term problems.

Perhaps the CPB need more to complain about. A Tory government would certainly provide them with that.