Quds Day 2023

The End of Quds Day?

This weekend once again the supporters of the Islamic Regime in Tehran marched through the streets of London but it was a different march than in years gone by.

Once upon a time these supporters of Hezbollah were parading their ideological beliefs through the waving of Hezbollah flags and banners and even wearing Hezbollah merch in the form of T-shirts and caps. No longer.

Whereas once the supporters of the Ayatollahs in Iran would be carrying their placards with Nasrallah’s face on and other assorted pro Hezbollah symbols now the organisers have banned them.

Thanks to you and people like you overt support for Hezbollah in London has become a thing of the past. Furthermore at Quds Day this past Sunday the officers and stewards of the IHRC were seen telling people to lay down their antisemitic signs equating Israelis with Nazis.

The organisers of Quds Day lack the courage of their convictions, they won’t wave the Hezbollah flag and force the police to arrest them. This begs the question what ele can we force them to stop doing?

Harry’s Place first demonstrated against Quds Day 15 years ago and our, your, tenacity has finally borne fruit.