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Think Again… and Again

Lucy Lips & The Harry’s Place Troubadours (ft. Бенедикт) return with a new track following the success of the first one, ‘Bayraktar’ in English – which now has over 150 thousand views on YouTube. It is called “Think Again, Again (Revisited)”

In 1983, at the height of the Cold War, folk singer Dick Gaughan wrote and recorded the song, ‘Think Again’

As a communist and Soviet sympathiser Gaughan’s song was designed to undermine Western preparedness to confront the menace that was the USSR, and is now Putin’s Russian Federation.”. It painted a sympathetic picture of Russian benevolence and peacefulness. In that respect, the song echoed the sentiments of much of the Western Left in the so-called Peace Movements and Campaigns for Nuclear Disarmament. Think Again was immediately taken up by these movements as an anthem, and was recorded by Billy Bragg.

A far more truthful characterisation of Russian militarism, in view of what we now know about their behaviour in Syria and – ultimately – Ukraine, might have gone like this….

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