I Hate Momentum

I fucking hate Momentum.

I hate everythign they stand for.

I hate and fear and will do everything possible to prevent that which is their raison d’etre, a Corbyn led government, from coming to pass.

But what I won’t do is ignore something that they’ve done which could do some good.

This blog is wonderful but we don’t reach the people we need to reach. The arguments we make aren’t heard by the very people making the lives of Jews miserable. Hopefully this video made by Momentum will and for that I salute them. Just this once.

Libby T adds:

Cynic that I am, I’d like to present a dissenting view. I haven’t been taken in by this Momentum video. I feel those going all gaga on social media are like a kid whose deadbeat dad missed his birthday, but who he sees now stumbling drunkenly up the path at midnight with something in a paper bag… which may or not be a present. It probably isn’t but who can blame a kid for hoping?

My chief gripe is that it basically only gives examples of far-right Nazi antisemitism and not a single one of Left wing anti_jewish racism – just a warning for lefties to not get sucked in by these “conspiracy theories”. No mention of the notorious mural praised by Corbyn, only some neo-Nazi images of basically the same thing; a lot about the far-right using the term “Zionist Occupation Government” (ZOG) but nothing about the Left using terms like “Zionist Entity” to describe Israel or “Zionist Occupation Force” to describe the Israeli Defence Force defending Jews in their own homeland. Genuine contrition would have been more honest.

The fact of the matter is that while a lot of Left-wing antisemitism is driven by the associating of Jews with capitalist institutions, a lot more of it has emerged from the cesspit of pro-Palestinian politics.

Speaking of which, here is Momentum’s video presenter, Michael Walker, on Sky News making excuses for Corbyn’s attendance at a wreath-laying ceremony for terrorists involved in the Munich massacre. So Walker can take his video and fuck off, in my view.

On the other hand, maybe it will do some good as my more optimistic colleague suggests.