Easter Egg Stealth Jihad [Updated]

Following the non-story of the National Trust (Easter) Egg Hunt, here’s the Daily Mail in typically tendentious mode:

Sainsbury’s and Asda won’t stock Christian Easter egg – but they DO put halal ones on their shelves

The quotes imply that the supermarkets are averse to products with Christian branding, but it’s much more likely that their rationale was purely commercial. Of course the Guylian chocolates don’t have remotely comparable Muslim branding.  However they are a popular range – and in fact many Cadburys chocolate products are also halal.

The article prompted predictable outrage.

will NEVER cross their door steps again and never buy Guylian chocolates again. We have to make a stand for OUR beliefs, after all we pander to the beliefs of ALL other minorities in OUR country.

Exchanging Christian heritage for a 13th century nightmare. [13th?]

As long as it is marked to have content that was sourced from an animal that has been made to die in agony as it slowly bleeds to death without being stunned before having it’s throat cut then that is OK, so we know to avoid it. [Guylian chocs are vegetarian]

the breeding rates will soon eradicate you anyway !

There are plenty of stories which have something to do with Islam to be genuinely outraged about at the moment – for example the HuT Australian women praising their reading of Islamic teaching on the discipline of wives (CAGE went into meltdown over this) or the appalling murder of a young ‘blasphemer’ in Pakistan.  But – Muslims who fancy an easter egg? And I bet some of those moaning about this in the Daily Mail comments also moan that Muslims don’t do enough to integrate.

Update – Daily Mail promotes hate preacher

It’s interesting that the Mail went to Stephen Green of Christian Voice for a ‘War on Easter’ quote.  Leaving aside allegations (reported at length in, er, the Mail) about his private life, these are some of the views he is associated with.

Here he is discussing Uganda introducing the death penalty for homosexual acts:

“The Bible calls for the ultimate penalty for sodomy… A Parliamentarian in Uganda is trying to protect his nation’s children. The House of Commons of the United Kingdom is trying to corrupt ours.”

He wants action taken against ‘blasphemers’

Christian Voice doesn’t accept the concept of marital rape:

It also introduced an offence of “marital rape,” drafted by the Law Commission, unknown in the Law of God, and in conflict with the marriage service of the Book of Common Prayer, where the promises given by a man and woman to each other establish a binding consent to sexual intercourse.

And it believes Christian teachings should rule our lives

It is unusual today for a nation to look to Almighty God for its legislation, so used have we all become to making laws for ourselves. But in making our own laws, we have become our own gods. Like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, (Gen 3:5) we have decided what is right and wrong on our own authority.