PSC Loving Hamas

Just when you thought the Palestine Solidarity Campaign would want to lie low and try not to get much attention in the wake of David Collier’s devastating reports on antisemitism and nutcase fantasism in their ranks they go and tweet these:

Update: @PSCUpdates the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Twitter handle has just been pulled.

Update 2: @fiona_bowden of the PSC says that their Twitter feed has been hacked: which is plausible. The PSC generally avoids these sorts of statements. They are more closely aligned with Fatah than Hamas. The picture of the PSC leadership, although genuine and from a PSC source, was published on Harry’s Place some time ago, and is probably the source for the original tweet.

Update 3: If you look at the time on the Tweets they are two hours ahead of GMT further implying that the Tweets were not written in the UK but in a different timezone.