Preacher Who Calls for Israel to be “Relocated to Germany” Speaking at Manchester University This Evening

An Islamic scholar who thinks Israel should be relocated to Germany, that “Zionists” are out to destroy the al Aqsa Mosque, that the CIA and Mossad are behind ISIS and who has called the Queen “disgusting” has been invited to speak at the University of Manchester this evening.

Sheikh Asrar Rashid was invited by the Madinah Society.

The translation site MEMRI quote Rashid as having said the following in December last year:

“Israel is a country that should be reestablished in Germany, because Germany was responsible for the killing of those Jews – not the Muslim world, not the Palestinians”

“Al-Qaeda was made by the CIA. To this day we have not seen, we have not witnessed, George Bush apologize for the making of the CIA [sic] to the American public. The planes went in [on 9/11], according to the mainstream narrative, by Al-Qaeda terrorists. Those Al-Qaeda terrorists were made by the CIA, by the Americans themselves.”

“The While House is the direct cause of ISIS today, because they made those orphans recruits for groups like ISIS. So do not destabilize Muslim countries, and then lash the backs of the Muslims, accusing them of terrorism.”

“May Allah have mercy upon Sheikh Yassin. [founder of Hamas]”

On Facebook Rashid has railed against “international Zionism”

In 2011 he called the Queen “a disgusting woman” for knighting author Salman Rushdie and said Muslims should not fight in the British armed forces.

Asrar Rashid seems to think that ISIS is a conspiracy created by the Mossad and CIA and that “Zionists” are intent on destroying the al Aqsa mosque: