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Then and Now

Perhaps Sturgeon’s Law should be applied to any public statements by the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon is actively considering the possibility of investigating the means of opposing Theresa May’s appeal against the High Court’s ruling that control has been taken back for the Commons and the Executive does not have free-rein with Royal Prerogative.

The rule of law remains sacrosanct. Except where you and your Party are introducing majoritarian demagogue table-thumping populism to the political culture, and seeking to hobble an unelected judiciary – in particular, the London-based Courts – I assume.

No harm ever could come from that.

Meanwhile, former Scottish government minister, Alex Neil (last seen looking for a caravan to live in) has revealed that he (and a number of other weighty SNP members) voted Leave. But they did not broadcast this for fear of being seen to be putting the public before Party.

He said: “In the last ten days of the campaign I was persuaded and George Osborne just tipped me over with his emergency budget.

“I saw the scaremongering and there was no way I was going to endorse it. I was not going to vote for George Osborne and David Cameron’s scare campaign.”

Neil also used instances of financial collapse in EU member states such as Portugal and Greece as having a large bearing on his decision to back a Leave vote.

He went on to suggest a number of SNP politicians had conflicting public and private views with regards to membership of the EU.

Neil added: “There’s a number of my colleagues who have spoken to me privately who did the same. They don’t want to broadcast it. They were betwixt and between and they voted Leave.”

Always someone else’s fault, eh?